About Four Letter Fancies

Amanda founded Four Letter Fancies in 2023 because she wanted annotation stickers that allowed her the full range of emotions

And for someone who grew up in the Northeast / New England-ish region of the United States and now lives in Australia, that includes curse words. There were no she could find that lined up with what she had in mind.

As a voracious reader (read: she studied English lit in school, including reading Chaucer, studied Latin for six years and translated The Aeneid from the original, as all the Romantic poets talking about the woes of a classical education did, and reads about 100 pages an hour), she wanted something where she could add flair and her personality to her margins, honestly, mostly for her bullet journal when she was writing out her to-do for the day, or reviewing her books. But in the books themselves, too.

So off she went to talk to find out how to do this sticker thing.

And even then, it was hard to find folks who could do what she wanted to with stickers.

So she figured she should do it herself, and combine her dark sense of humour, love of cussing a blue streak and romance novels to create Four Letter Fancies.

A business that combined all those things: a love of reading and an adult sense of humour while reading, or around the office, or while bullet journalling to try and keep your sh!t together.