Sometimes we journal, for function, for therapy, for venting, or just keeping track of all the random things happening in our lives.

  • My Commonplace Book

    My Commonplace Book

    So along with bullet journalling, one of my on-again-off-again habits is my commonplace book. Commonplace books are essentially the real-life Pinterest — many times for quotes or pieces of information useful or interesting to you. Because of how I’ve used this particular iteration of commonplace book as an adult, a lot of it has to…

  • Bullet Journaling & Aesthetics

    Bullet Journaling & Aesthetics

    I have never been an aesthetic girlie when it comes to my journalling. It’s always been functional. Sketchy. Of the moment. While I have a number of coloured pens and highlighters and washi tape, I can’t say I use them overmuch. I don’t need my journal to be pretty to appreciate what it does for…