Gifts for Book Lovers

So someone you care about is a book lover — and maybe you’re not quite sure what to get them. We’re pulling together here a few recommendations for present options, whether that’s for a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s day, an anniversary or some other celebration.

But Can’t I just get them a book?

…unless you know their taste very well, or they have explictly given you a list of books they want, no, I wouldn’t just give them a random book. If they’re a book dragon and read quite a bit, there’s a high likelihood they’ve already read the book.

Books are also highly subjective, so it’s even more likely they won’t like the book you buy for them.

Option 1: A special Edition

If you’ve known a book lover for a while, you’ve likely either heard them talk about a comfort read or seen them re-read a book. It might be worth investing in a special edition of that book. More and more publishers are coming out with their own special editions (and even book stores), but a few of my favourite options are:

If you’re in the US, you’ll have a lot more options with Barnes & Noble offering their sprayed edges (currently at 123 books!)

There’s also this list of special editions, which may hold your person’s favourite book.

Option 2: Cozy Bookish Accessories

While yes, this may include our annotation stickers or bookplates, they don’t have to. This may be:

Anything that will help make their reading experience more fun for them will be a fun gift. Do they already annotate their books, or journal? Maybe the stickers would work. Do they turn into a goblin and burrow? Sweatshirt or blanket might be the right choice. Are they constantly twitching at noises? Maybe something like loop earplugs are the best option.

Option 3: Their Favourite Snack or Caffeination

Tea, coffee and snacks always make life a little better, particularly if their reading weather is rainy and otherwise overcast and cozy. I would either go for quantity or quality here. You may hear them speak about that amazing tea they had once, but they haven’t gotten it again because, gosh, it was expensive. Or you know they like sea salt dark chocolate, so you find some super local artisan chocolate…or even better, make it yourself.

These are just a few ideas for bookish gifts for folks you care about. Maybe you’ll find something here to inspire you? What kind of gifts do you give your bookish friends and loved ones?


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