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Immaculate Vibes Bookplate

Sometimes the vibes of a book are immaculate, in more ways than one. Enjoy it, own it, love it. Particularly with this ex-libris bookplate with a bunch of vibrators and other cough wellness toys on it doing their thing and vibrating away.


  • Colour/s: Black, white and grey
  • Size: 75 x100 mm
  • Weight: 2 grams
  • Finish: glossy (but writeable)
  • Illustration description: Written in retro font are the words "The Vibes are Immaculate" along the top of the illustration, with "Ex Libris" at the bottom of the page above empty brackets for your name. The actual illustration is a selection of personal *adult* massagers, surrounded by topography-inspired lines made to represent movement and vibration.

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