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Slay Bookplate

This bookplate is an ode to all the strong women, inspired by one of my favourite strong women — Artemisia Gentileschi — an Italian baroque painter who built a name for herself in an era when women weren’t doing that, and a follower of Carrivaggio (the shadows!). For those who love the strong female characters, and the ones who know their own mind, this bookplate is for you. Throne of Glass may be a good place to start with this bookplate.


  • Colour/s: Black, white, red and grey
  • Size: 75x100mm
  • Weight: 2 grams
  • Finish: glossy (but writeable)
  • Illustration description: On a small banner in the upper left corner is "Slay" written in cursive, with "Ex Libris" and empty brackets at the bottom. The illustration is a rendition of Artemisia Gentileschi's Judith with her Maidservant (which depicts Judith with a sword over her shoulder, her maidservant with Holofernes' decapitated head in a basket, and both looking offstage like they're being called).

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